"Pou yon  tab byen kanpe fòk li gen kat pye menm longè."

For a table to stand well, it must have all four legs the same length.



PAZAPA is fortunate to employ a dedicated team of over 30 people who live in Haiti's Southeast, and work together to empower the area's most vulnerable but valuable children and families. Some members of the team, like Physiotherapist Tony Antoine, were instrumental in PAZAPA's beginnings and have been on staff for over 30 years. 


PAZAPA's management team from left to right: Marika MacRae, Executive Director | Jean Joseph Forgeas, Administrator | Annie-Rose Lessage, Program Manager | Mona Charles, Senior Teacher | Tony Antoine, Physiotherapy Specialist | Valery Lubin, Family Support Program Coordinator | Milose Dominique, Accountant | Pierre-Paul Exilus, Outreach Program Coordinator | Magdala Metellus, Administrative Assistant