"Piti piti zwazo fe niche li."

Little by little, a bird builds its nest.


The Pazapa model is based upon the guiding principles of solidarity, mutual respect, equity and inclusion. Pazapa — "step by step" in Creole — has empowered over 2,000 of Haiti’s most marginalized families since 1987 through comprehensive programs providing specialized medical care, inclusive education, outreach, advocacy, economic opportunity, and access to the arts.


Specialized Medical Care

Clinical evaluations, surgeries, medication management and rehabilitative therapy provided to children with medically treatable disabilities such as clubfoot and epilepsy. 

Inclusive Education

Specialized early intervention, preschool and primary instruction for children who would otherwise not have access to an education. Students are provided quality instruction to the national certification level while building language, social and coping skills. 


Community-based workers support the social, educational, medical and economic welfare of over 100 homebound children in 5 rural villages through home visits, medical clinics, school mainstreaming, microloans, community meetings and parent groups. 


Awareness events, radio broadcasts, symposia, mainstreaming assistance, community meetings and inclusive education trainings change norms and combat harmful misconceptions about disability, build community cohesion and promote equal rights.

Family Support

Vocational training and scholarships to build skills and livelihoods in art, construction, cooking, law and sewing. Ti Commerce microloans for mothers to start businesses, and post-hurricane disbursements of food, crops and livestock to help families rebuild.


Training in creative vocations for Haitian teens with disabilities. Art therapy and performing arts opportunities for all the children and families served by PAZAPA.