PAZAPA works with the Haitian government as much as possible to effectively integrate with state efforts and advocate at the policy level — including BSEIPH (the Bureau of the Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities) and the Ministry of Education.

To inform, expand and support the team’s efforts, we've also forged partnerships with local organizations — like RANIPH (Réseau Associatif National Pour l'Intégration des Personnes Handicapées) and Centre d'Education Speciale — and international entities — including the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, CBMGlobal Fund for Children and Plan.

PAZAPA is supported by the The Siloé Project and Canadian Association Step by Step.

PAZAPA's impact would not be possible without the generosity of our individual supporters and talented volunteers.

Interested in partnering with PAZAPA, or joining an upcoming visit?

Professional Volunteers

Art Therapy: Gloria Simoneaux  |  Audiology: Gil Hanke and team  |  Communications: Kate Garcia, John Hoge, Elizabeth Lang, Lars Palmedo  |  Computer Technology: John Gourlay, Kathie Gourlay, Serge Joseph  |  Development: Zoe Breslar, Karen Buhler, Susanne Kohl-Parker, Kathy Lynn, Sue McKenzie, Betsy Palmedo, Anne Subercaseaux, Patty Westerbeke  |  Finance: Martin Cunningham, Larry Shore, Dan Speraw  |  Occupational and Physiotherapy: Jill Lang, Elizabeth Lang  |  Ophthalmology: Dr. Jean Claude Cadet, Dr. Yuri Zelenski  |  Orthopedics, Haiti: Dr. Idgie Garnier, Dr. Jean Herve Rozan  |  Orthopedics, International: Dr. Brian Deignan, Dr. Kevin Latz, Dr. Fred McGlynn, Tina McGlynn and Salva Vida team, Dr. Rick Reed, Dr. Kaye Wilkins, Dr. Robert Young  |  Peace Corps in Haiti: Wendy Goodman, Matthew Marek, Maggie Partilla, Jonathan Scholes, Patrick and Sarah Shea  |  Pediatrics and General Medicine, Haiti: Dr. Albert Florival, Dr. Frantzso Nelson  |  Pediatric Neurology: Dr. Chris Miller  |  Photography: Eric Breitenbach, Ryan Miller, Gary Monroe  |  Plastic Surgery: Dr. Duke Haggerty, Dr. John Rast  |  Special Education: Malinda Demray, Karen Mallet, Mary Meldrum, Dr. Michel Pean, Len Rezmierski PhD, Shannon Schafer, Karen MacKenzie Stepner

Board Members & Advisors

Board Members

CASS, Canada: Iwan Jugley (CASS/Canada Board President)  |  Shari Crowley (Vice President)  |  Adrienne Jugley (Treasurer)  |  Lois Lacroix (Secretary)  |  Vailly Crowley  |  Peggy Detlor  |  Chris Esposito  |  Dorothy Harvey  |  Lorrie Ross  |  Allison Smith

PAZAPA, Haiti: Dr. Frantso Nelson (Board President)  |  Genel Simin (Vice President)  |  Gary Felix (Treasurer)  |  Gladys Figaro (Secretary)  |  Dr. Albert Jacque Florival  |  Jean Hervé Rozan

The Siloé Project, US: Charles Scholes, PhD (Board President)  |  Martin Cunningham (Treasurer)  |  Michael Pepe  |  Richard Randall  |  Leonard Rezmierski, PhD

Professional Advisory Board Members

Marilynn Bachorik  |  Brian Deignan, M.D.  |  Albert Florival, M.D.  |  Andy Haig, Ph.D.  |  John Hoge  |  Brigit Jensen  |  Rachel Lancia  |  Kevin Latz, M.D. |  Fred McGlynn, M.D.  |  Kaye Wilkins, M.D.  |  Robert A. Young, M.D.