"Three Loas" by Prospère Pierre-Louis

"Three Loas" by Prospère Pierre-Louis


24”x 24" Signed Oil on Masonite (1988)

Prospère Pierre-Louis (1947-1995) was a pioneer of the Saint Soleil art movement. His paintings depicting mystical Vodou loa are especially noteworthy. As a child in Jacmel he assisted his father, a houngan, in preparing Vodou ceremonies. Later, while working as a waiter at the home of Maude Robard he joined the "Saint Soleil" peasant commune at Soisson-la-Montagne. Saint Soleil united a variety of poor artists including performers, craftsmen and visual artists. Pierre-Louis eventually became the movement’s most prominent painter, but his flourishing career came to an abrupt end when he died prematurely as the result of an asthma attack.

This piece is presented in partnership with Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery. 20% of proceeds will be donated to Pazapa, and that amount can be taken as a tax deduction by the buyer.

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