"Echoes of Conscience" by Marc-kensen Curvinglines

"Echoes of Conscience" by Marc-kensen Curvinglines


16” x 20” original acrylic painting (unframed). From the Acrylic Soul Collection.

In Marc’s own words…

My art pieces are about synthesizing opposing ideas such as bringing disorder into order, and vice-versa, allowing the mask to reveal the secrets behind such mask in defiance of the mask wearer.  I do not have a formal art education but I believe that just as any language, human beings are born with a predisposition to create and engage in art.  I see myself as engaging in an activity that is demanded by human instincts. I would describe my art as a hybrid of abstract and concrete liaison. A realism that resides not at the surface but in the depth on reflection, inspection and curiosity.

Just as all human beings, I am a set of competing contradictions: I like and dislike; I love and I hate; I build and I destroy.  I was born in Haiti, but immigrated to the United States as a teenager. I have served in United States Army, and I have been a Math instructor, an avid emerging writer in three languages, and a Haitian Kreyol advocate, all experiences of which I am extremely proud but I am mostly proud of being the father to the most beautiful little girl on this planet: My little angel, Khyra. On a final note, none of this would have been possible without the unflinching dedication, and partnership of Claire Judine Saintil.

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