”Ceremonie Erzulie Malade" by Andre Pierre

”Ceremonie Erzulie Malade" by Andre Pierre


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24”x 36" Signed Oil on Board (1972)

Andre Pierre (1914-2005) was a vodou priest who is now considered one of Haiti's greatest artists. He is the preeminent painter of the Haitian lwa (deity spirits), and the worthy successor of the pioneer Hector Hyppolite. Collectors and journalists from all over the world visited Pierre in the modest hut where he painted lovingly detailed portraits of the vodun pantheon by the light of an oil lamp. Often his visitors brought a bottle of rum, and he would pour three drops on the dirt floor of the hut to honor the Vodou Trinity. After proclaiming, "Pou lepere, e lefis, e lesentespri" (“For lepers, and greed, and spirit”) he would take a sip, pass the bottle and sit at his easel. His pronouncements on Vodou and on life were wise and sophisticated, often punctuated by his trademark subterranean chuckle.

"Ceremonie Erzulie Malade" depicts a voodoo ceremony. Erzulie fell ill and was transported to care by boat with the help of sirens. This piece is the only one of its kind, painted exclusively for a private collector.

This piece is presented in partnership with Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery, and 20% of proceeds will be donated to Pazapa. Price includes the gallery’s taxes and processing fees. Please contact us for more information.

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