Center for Special Needs Children, Jacmel, Haiti
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Helping Haitian Children with Special Needs since 1987

“Tout moun se moun, tout moun pa meme.”
Haitian proverb: Everyone is someone, but not everyone is the same.

PAZAPA’s mission is to support the treatment, education, and development of children with special needs, and to integrate them into the community-at-large. PAZAPA means "step by step" in Haitian Creole, and step by step PAZAPA has been making a difference in the lives of Haiti’s special needs children since 1987.

PAZAPA is based in Jacmel and serves the entire Southeast Department of Haiti. All staff members are Haitian with the exception of the executive director, who was raised in Haiti. PAZAPA depends on a large network of volunteers to provide services to children without charge. PAZAPA is supported by the Siloé Project, a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and by Canadian Step by Step, a Canadian nonprofit and other organizations and individuals.

New Pazapa Building

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, School is now in session in the new Pazapa building. Pazapa classes are now held in our modern facility built to the latest earthquake safety standards.

See the details of the new Pazapa Center