Empowering children with disabilities and their families in Haiti since 1987


Tout moun se moun, tout moun pa menm."

Haitian proverb: Everyone is someone, but not everyone is the same.


Only an estimated 5% of the approximately 400,000 children living with disabilities in Haiti have access to inclusive education or specialized medical care, and the stigma surrounding disability often relegates these children to a life of isolation and abuse. PAZAPA is dedicated to supporting the treatment, education and development of children living with disabilities in Haiti, while advocating for their inclusion, protection and rights.



"Piti piti zwazo fe niche li."

Little by little, a bird builds its nest.


PAZAPA means "step by step" in Haitian Kreyol, and in this way, PAZAPA has empowered over 2,000 of Haiti’s most marginalized families in the past 30 years through comprehensive programs providing specialized medical care, inclusive education, outreach, advocacy and family support.


Specialized Medical Care

Clinical evaluations, surgeries, medication management and rehabilitative therapy provided free of charge to children with physical disabilities. 

Inclusive Education

Specialized early intervention, preschool and primary instruction for children who would otherwise not have access to an education. Students are provided quality instruction to the national certification level, while building language, social and coping skills. 


Community-based rehabilitation workers oversee the social, educational, medical and economic welfare of over 100 homebound children in 5 rural villages through home visits, medical clinics, school mainstreaming, vocational opportunities, community meetings and parent support groups. 


Awareness events, radio broadcasts, symposia, mainstreaming assistance, community meetings and inclusive education trainings combat harmful misconceptions about disability and promote equal rights.

Family Support

Vocational training and scholarships for older students and parents to develop sustainable livelihoods in art, construction, cooking, law and sewing. Ti Commerce microloans and support for mothers to start businesses, and post-disaster disbursements of food, crops and livestock to help families rebuild.


"Sonje lapli ki leve mayi ou."

Remember the rain that made your corn grow.

Your Impact

Thanks to our dedicated staff members, compassionate volunteers, collaborative partners and generous donors, over the past 30 years PAZAPA has made a positive impact in thousands of lives amid extraordinary hardship. Even after the 2010 earthquake, our supporters made it possible to continue providing essential services and build back better. Natural disasters, political upheavals and economic shocks have come and gone, but thanks to you, PAZAPA is a more vital organization than ever.

How Far Does Your Dollar Go?

Our staff works incredibly hard to get the most out of every resource, so you can be sure your donation will have the greatest impact possible. 


Medical Care

$25 = lab tests, x-rays and blood work for one child's surgery

$500 = clubfoot care and rehabilitation for one child

$7,000 = a year's supply of epilepsy medications for 100+ children


Inclusive Education

$8 = a week's worth of hot meals and rides to school for one child

$300 = one child's 2018 specialized education

$4,000 = inclusive education trainings for government teachers in 2018


Outreach & Advocacy

$50 = a disability rights session in a rural village

$1,600 = International Day of Persons with Disabilities advocacy symposium

$4,500 = awareness programming during Carnival 2019


Family Support

$3 = a trio of banana trees for a family to rebuild post-hurricane

$150 = one Ti Commerce microloan distribution to 70 mothers

$700 = supplies for the sewing class in 2018


Accessible Infrastructure

$10 = a desk and a chair for one child

$10,000 = a rebuilt cafeteria that's safe and accessible for all children

$330,000 = final phase of the PAZAPA Center's post-earthquake rebuild


If you'd like to support a specific Fund,* please enter one of the following in the "Special Instructions" field of the PayPal DONATE page:

Medical  |  Education  |  Outreach & Advocacy  |  Family Support  |  Accessibility

*If no Fund is specified, your donation will support the greatest need. Questions? Please contact the Siloé Project - PAZAPA's US 501(c)(3) partner. Thank you!

    "Pou yon  tab byen kanpe fòk li gen kat pye menm longè."

    For a table to stand well, it must have all four legs the same length.



    PAZAPA's management team from left to right: Marika MacRae, Executive Director | Jean Joseph Forgeas, Administrator | Annie-Rose Lessage, Program Manager | Mona Charles, Senior Teacher | Toni Antoine, Physiotherapy Specialist | Valery Lubin, Family Support Program Coordinator | Milose Dominique, Accountant | Pierre-Paul Exilus, Outreach Program Coordinator | Magdala Metellus, Administrative Assistant



    "Yon sel dwet pa ka mange kalalou."

    You can't eat okra with only one finger.


    PAZAPA works closely with the Haitian government in order to effectively integrate with state efforts and advocate at the policy level — including BSEIPH (the Bureau of the Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities) and the Ministry of Education.

    To inform, expand and support the team’s efforts, we've also forged productive partnerships with local organizations — like RANIPH (Réseau Associatif National Pour l'Intégration des Personnes Handicapées) and Centre d'Education Speciale — and international entities — including the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, CBMGlobal Fund for Children and Plan International.

    PAZAPA is supported by the development efforts of The Siloé Project and Canadian Association Step by Step. PAZAPA's impact would not be possible without the generosity of our individual supporters and talented volunteers.

    Mèsi anpil!


    “PAZAPA is filling an absolutely critical void in Haiti. The staff is extraordinarily dedicated, as is the board. The most amazing part is seeing kids that I worked with 10 years ago who are now high school graduates, valued by their family and community.”

    - Cathy Dorvil, longtime volunteer and donor


    PAZAPA's Tony Antoine (left) along with visiting volunteers - Dr. Kevin Latz, Dr. Fred McGlynn and Dr. Brian Deignan - join a patient and his mother after performing a free corrective tibial surgery.


    "Men anpil chay pa lou."

    Many hands make the load lighter.

    Please join us!